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Football team Saturn

The instrument-making factory of Ramenskoye was opened in 1939. First, workers played for different town teams. Players and their coach Sergey Kasheev, as top-level workers, evacuated in Izhevsk. They played for FC Snaiper and FC Dinamo there. S.Kasheev, V.Kudryavtsev, A.Maximov, A.Akhmedganov, V.Grevtsev, B.Moskalev, A.Berezin, D.Arkharov and etc. were among footballers.

The team was organized in 1946. Its name was FC Panel. They played in different competitions. A lot of players who were persons of natural gifts appeared at that time: E.Gorin, D.Golubev, B.Filatov, A.Gladyshev, G.Samorukov, B.Artomonov, A.Pavlov, E.Pronin, B.Moskalev, Y.Kuznetsov, Y.Zaviyalov, B.Morozov, O.Gorin, V.Vlasov, V.Mizevich, R.Trukov and etc

After that, the team changed its name. Their names were FC Krylya Sovetov and FC Trud. FC Trud won championship and Cup of RSFSR among industrial teams in 1958. So the team was able to play in Cup of Millions. 17 clubs played in it. They were team of united republic, Moscow and Leningrad. FC Trud won KTZ Kharkov (3:1), the team of Kirovakana (1:1, 2:0) and FC Dinamo Batumi (4:0).

The final match was on 21st October. 8000 came to the stadium. Nicolai Latyshev who won “The Gold Whistle” refereed that match. We played vs. Dinamo Moscow. The scored was 2:2. Then the rematch was. 30000 watched that game in the Petrovskiy Park. Unfortunately, we were beaten 1:5.

FC Saturn won Cup of RSFSR thrice (1960, 1962 and 1975). Our team got to final of Cup of Millions in 1962 again. And we lost the game 0:2 again. FC Saturn played versus FC Sokol Tashkent. Squad of Saturn: R.Chubarov, A.Rybkin, V.Landin, B.Ageev, M.Shlenov, A.Yakovenko, B.Ryabtsev, L.Bochan, A.Unisov, A.Kozlov (a famous hockey player), Y.Zaviyalov, V.Morozov.

Some famous coaches worked in Saturn in the middle of the sixties: V.Shilovskiy, V.Gulyaev and V.Karpov. Our team came in Division B of the First Zone. FC Saturn became a professional team. But when Division B was closed, we became an amateurish team.

FC Saturn had won 10 championships of Moscow Region and Cup of Region since 1967. Our team won Cup of Millions in 1976. FC Vodnik Vanino was beaten by Yury Kuznetsov’ team - 0:3. It was the best result of our club! Squad of Saturn: V.Kasheev, A.Piskunov, V.Gorelov, G.Shukhov, A.Malevich, A.Ivanov, A.Shumik, N.Karasev, V.Gureev, A.Gogin, A.Khodakov, R.Gilmanov, V.Birukov. Eugene Pronin was a Head Kit Manager.

Mikhail Zakharov became a coach in 1980. He worked in Saturn until his death. The team got back a professional status thanks for him. It happened in 1987 when Saturn won championship among collectives of physical culture.

FC Saturn has played as professional team since 1988.

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