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1 20 58-16 51
2 20 44-20 44
3 20 40-27 41
4 20 36-27 31
5 20 29-23 29
6 20 31-23 26
7 Saturn 20 31-32 24
8 20 32-57 20
9 20 26-51 20
10 20 22-37 17
11 20 22-58 9
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Artem Molodtsov: "We all want to play in Premier League"

A captain of Saturn youth team shared his impressions of the season 2010.

Artem Molodtsov: "We all want to play in Premier League"  Molodtsov about the season 2010...
We won only four away matches, however we played enough successfully against the leaders. It's a pity that we haven't managed to occupy one of the prize-winning positions.

Molodtsov about the young players...
We were happy for our teammates who began playing for the first team. We all want to play in Premier League. My trainings with the first team gave me inestimable experience.

Molodtsov about the cup tie in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk...
We fought for all 120 minutes there. We've done all for a victory and got it.
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 Efremov leaves Saturn | Thursday. 16 December 2010
Today Igor Efremov has left the post of a Saturn FC general director. Ivan Pyrskiy was appointed an acting general director.
 Saturn made draw | Sunday. 28 November 2010
The last match of the season 2010 between Saturn and Alania ended in a draw 1-1. As a result Saturn became tenth in Premier League. Photos. Final standings. Match stats.
 Youth team won | Saturday. 27 November 2010
The youth team of Saturn defeated Alania 2-0 in the last match of this season. The goals were scored by Shamil Kurbanov and Dmitry Grachev. As a result Saturn have occupied the seventh position in Youth Championship. Photos. Final standings. Match stats.
 Saturn won in Makhachkala | Saturday. 20 November 2010
Saturn defeated Anzhi Makhachkala 2-1 in the away match of 29th matchday. The goals for Saturn were scored by Emin Makhmudov and Marko Topic. Photos. Match stats.
 Youth team lost | Friday. 19 November 2010
Saturn youngsters were crushed by Anzhi 4-0 in Makhachkala. Photos. Standings. Match stats.
 Saturn made draw at home | Friday. 12 November 2010
The match of 28th matchday between Saturn and Amkar ended in a draw 2-2. The goals for Saturn were scored by Marko Topic and Andrey Karyaka. Photos. Match stats.
 Youth team routed Amkar | Thursday. 11 November 2010
The youth team of Saturn beat Amkar Perm 4-1. The goals for Saturn were scored by Leonid Kovel and Vladimir Sobolev (hat-trick). Photos. Standings. Match stats.
 Saturn lost in Nalchik | Friday. 5 November 2010
In the match of 27th matchday Saturn were defeated by Spartak Nalchik 0-2. Photos. Match stats.
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