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Alexey Nosnikov: "We are learning together with our players"

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A coach of the youth team Alexey Nosnikov summed up the ended season.

Alexey Nosnikov: "We are learning together with our players" Nosnikov about the ended season...
It was enough hard season for us. Our final position turned out worse than we expected. We have some difficulties with the squad. It's very well that two our players Makhmudov and Sobolev began to play for the first team. However our more younger players lack stability yet.

Nosnikov about the perspective players...
Usually one or two players who came from the Club Football Academy have good first season. This year Kurbanov and Lapin showed their best qualities, however next season they will have to prove their worth again.

Nosnikov about his career...
Actually it was the first full season for me and my assistant Vladimir Skokov. We try to analyze our own mistakes and seek possibilities for growth and developing. I can say that we are learning together with our players.
Sunday. 5 December 2010
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