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Alexey Igonin: "We have to draw a right conclusion"

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A Saturn captain shared his impressions of the season 2010.

Alexey Igonin: "We have to draw a right conclusion" Igonin about the season 2010...
It was very hard season on all accounts. During the season we had to fight for surviving. Of course, I've got some disappointment by our result. I think we could do more. However if to appraise the situation around our club I can rate this season as satisfactory.

Igonin about captain's role...
I simply tried to take part in all games if I could. If our coach said that the team is in need of me, I did my darndest to appear on the pitch.  

Igonin about experience of this season...
We've obtained certain experience. I hope we'll draw a right conclusion and become stronger.
Tuesday. 7 December 2010
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