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Master-Saturn football boarding school

Master-Saturn football boarding school was open in the town, which called Egorievsk, in September 2003 It’s about 100 kilometres from Moscow. It’s situated in the South-East of the capital of Russia.

Boris Gromov and Valery Aksakov supported this idea and made fantastic conditions for young players.

The school is some buildings, which were painted in colors of FC Saturn. Master-Saturn is an element of our club. There is medical centre, checkrooms and rooms for children’s parents, referees and the club staff. Rooms for children are two-seater and four-seated. There are four halls with televisions and videos.

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Football boarding school has a great pitch. Its size is 110х70 m. It has an artificial grass-plot of the last generation with a heating system. This system can work when the temperature is below 20 degrees centigrade. There is a race way round the pitch. Later, a stand (100 seats) with plastic seats is being built. After that, a colored indicator panel and light towers is being made, too.

There are some playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis. Special race ways are being built later. They will be able to strengthen rolls.

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We are going to build the athletic hall (45х36 m) with stands and store rooms. Children lives and studies at this school during since 5th class to 11th. 130 people were taken from different regions of Russia. Selection never stops. Coaching Staff is an alloy of youth and experience: B.Beliakov, V.Bondarenko, S.Nikitin, M.Belov, A.Gruznizkiy, S.Dobrynin, V.Agafonov and V.Gus. Vladimir Bubnov is a chief. He used to work in FC Saturn, FC Tekstilshik, FC Rotor and FC Uralan.

Football boarding school has to train eminently qualified players for FC Saturn and the rest teams of Moscow Region.

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Master-Saturn invites young footballers to test. If you study our testing, you’ll become a member of Master-Saturn football boarding school. You will be able to take part in international competitions and train (with studies) all the year. You’ll take a equipment. Professional coaches and yours parents will look after you.

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