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About the club

FC Saturn has played in the Premier League for eight years. Owner of FC Saturn is the government of Moscow Region. Our club has the great stadium, which called Saturn Stadium. Its capacity is 16500 plastic seats. Players of our team train in the fantastic training centre, which is in Kratovo. It’s the best training centre in Russia. FC Saturn was established 60 years ago by workers, who worked at the instrument-making factory. Since 1988 - FC Saturn is a professional football team, thought they played in division B in the sixties.

FC Saturn started playing in the Premier League in 1998. Uriy Gavrilov and Vladimir Mukhanov raised FC Saturn from the third League to the first one. And Sergey Pavlov helped out our team to the Premier League. The highest result was the 6th place (2001, 2002). And our club played in semi-final the Russian Cup twice.

There is the second team (reserved team), who became the third in 2004. Master-Saturn gets ready young players for the main team. One of the graduate, who called Alexander Sapeta, won Euro Championship “Until 17”.
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