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Antonín Kinský: "Now we have possibility to play more uninhibitedly"

Press Office FC Saturn
A goalkeeper Antonín Kinský has answered press-service's questions.

Antonín Kinský: "Now we have possibility to play more uninhibitedly" Can we hope for your speedy recovering?
You know, lately I don't feel any pain after the training, it's main thing for me now. All my problems were related with my spine. During my treatment in Czechia I had special course of exercises for the strengthening of spine and abdominal muscles. Now I'm feeling some tiredness but it's normally for the training after the pause.

Did you manage to pay attention to the games of Saturn?
Sure! I used to get in touch on the phone with Artem Rebrov after every game. We talked that we must find way out from the tight corner. I'm glad we managed to do it. It's a cause of fine mood of our guys. Now we have possibility to play more uninhibitedly.

What can you say about the match against Rostov?
They are very good team. We were defeated in Rostov and had no chances for success. I hope that now we'll manage to turn the situation to our advantage. For that we'll have to show absolutely other level of football than in Rostov.
Thursday. 12 August 2010
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